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Our Network of Clients and Vehicle Auction Program



Pro Tow has extensive experience towing commercial fleets. Having an account with Pro Tow keeps you prepared for breakdowns, accidents and unpredictable events.

Pro Tow has the experience and equipment to move any kind of commercial vehicle. We understand that a disabled vehicle is detrimental to your bottom line, so please contact us if you would like to set up an account and we can discuss company needs.



Pro Tow provides towing and vehicle impound service for law enforcement and other government agencies. Our fleet has the capacity to handle light duty and heavy-duty vehicles. We can provide transport for vehicles without wheels such as tracked vehicles, stripped, stolen or burned vehicles and other difficult assignments. We currently serve many different agencies and take pride in supporting public safety for the community.

We are fully aware of evidentiary requirements and are able to protect the chain of custody. Members of our staff have law enforcement experience and work well in resolving difficult or special law enforcement needs. We can comply with all requirements of local government



Do you have a problem with abandoned vehicles on your private property? Pro Tow can help. Daily, we assist apartment complexes, commercial parking lots and business owners with the removal of unwanted vehicles. We have full knowledge of the various statutes and legal requirements regarding the removal of vehicles from private property. You can be assured it will be done in a legal and proper manner.


Pro Two currently supports several motor clubs and we always work rapidly and effectively to ensure we provide optimal service. We can work with you to negotiate contract pricing and comply with each vendor’s specific requirements.


Do you own an automotive shop with customers who require tow-ins? If so, get to know Pro Tow. We will serve your customers efficiently and fairly, giving you a great first impression for using us. We are experienced with working with people in crisis situations and our professionalism and fair prices will impress your customers.